I love your Hidden Constellation CD so much I'm going to feature it on the front page of CD Baby. We're REALLY picky about what goes on the front page.  We get about 75 new albums a day coming in here now, (about 30,000 total), and yours is one of the best I've ever heard. --Derek Sivers, President, CD Baby & Hostbaby 

This is remarkable work, and I wanted you to know someone is listening and appreciating your remarkable talents. --Bruce Clary, Associate Professor of English, McPherson College 

Bret Boyer finds his inspiration just about everywhere, with influences ranging from historical works, family experiences and good old rock-n-roll. Bret's originality makes each performance fresher than the last. --Sharon Benson, Salina Arts Council 

Bret's Hidden Constellation takes me on a journey back to the roots of slide guitar and then blends that sound with refreshing lyrics about life, love and family--songs that feel like they could be about me. If I had to describe Hidden Constellation in one word it would be "pure." --Mike Logback, Small World Concert Series 

Using the same emotional language as Tom Waits and Greg Brown, he cradles a perfection of folk blues, roots, Americana and country in his voice and hands. Words aren't even in the same ballpark of consciousness as the experience you get from this album. --Tamara Turner, Reviewer, CD Baby 

Hidden Constellation is an inevitable title for Bret Boyer's latest CD.  From his previous work, one might feel they finally have a picture of who this guy is, but each new release shows a whole new dimension. Bret has already secured his melodic expertise with his previous performances, but his lyric work is the "hidden constellation." He brings these two media from one palette and gives us a picture with a crisp message. --Tim Johnson, Blue Moon Concerts 

I've been a fan of Bret's since the first time I heard him play.  He's fantastic.  I'm such a big fan I asked him to write and perform the theme music to my show! --Lu Anne Stephens, Producer, New Settlers Radio Hour, Wichita Public Radio 

Imagine a cross between Steve Earle, John Prine, Kelly Joe Phelps -- I like this ol' boy's stuff. --docsthebest, Acoustic Guitar talk, talk, talk forum 

Your program was a hit with both the students and the teachers, especially due to its interactive/participatory nature. --John Davis, executive director of the Salina (Kan.) Symphony 

Your creative arrangements of familiar hymn tunes made them seem new again. There was mystery in the prayerful music, joyful abandon in the praise. --Leigh Ann Cobb, director of music ministry, First United Methodist Church, Wichita, Kan. 

Bret Boyer not only deserves a listen, he deserves an ovation. --Andrea Springer, host of Nightcrossings on KHCC FM90.1, Radio Kansas. 

Bret's performance communicated to the entire audience. He has the ability to capture and hold the attention of any group of people. -Tom Seaman, Chair of the Central Christian College (Kan.) Music Department. 

I've been playing guitar since before you were born, and I've never heard anything quite like it. --Johnny Western, KAKE-TV 10, Wichita, Kan. 

Bret tours the country with masterful fingerstyle guitar artistry. --Dave Humphreys, Two-Way Street Coffeehouse, Downers Grove, Ill. 

Wow! What a great CD! Boyer's Beantown is a first-class essay of up-and-coming jazz guitar. Both the recording quality and the musicianship are major label caliber. --B.J. Hutchman, reviewer from The Note. 

I was truly overwhelmed by your talent and musicality. --Sharon Benson, Salina (Kan.) Arts Council 

To me, it is a miracle how you are able to be with 200 people at the same time. That is, truly with them. You make a connection that is beautiful--personal--and leaving the conviction that we will meet again. --Joan Nothern, Glasco (Kan.) Public Schools. 

Boyer is a fingerstyle jazz guitar phenomenon, whose work ranges from adventurous arrangements of hymns to '30s swing. --David Kamerer, BirdHouse Acoustic Music Series.