Memories and Stories 

Watercolor Paintings by Bret Boyer 

We are all a part of the great story — All of us,  carrying bits and pieces of the fabric that becomes our own quilt of memories, our own story. Many of our stories are passed on like family Bibles — Passed on like a grandfather’s pocket watch or a box of tools, passed on like a grandmother’s wedding china, passed on to hold a place in our memory. We look at the old photos to see a part of ourselves — to search for that connection.  While looking deep, we are always reminded that time is passing — How this moment, important enough to try and capture in a photograph, is now a memory. 

I love looking through the stacks of old photos. Some of them become a feeling and an image in my mind.  The image becomes an idea for a painting, and through the act of painting — emotions, memories, and stories. All of the paintings in this series are inspired by old family photos.  They are all painted in watercolor. Painting in watercolor feels very much like playing music.  I compose the painting.  I try to capture the energy in the tones.  The water and paint both have their own melodies.  By improvising and reacting to the moment, you arrive at a painting that has some of its own harmony. 

I grew up in a home with original paintings by local artists on the walls — In a family where memories and stories were also of great value.  I’m so excited to share this series of paintings with you. 

I hope you enjoy the work.